Read the messages below to get more inspiration about studying in Japan
Khon Leakhena
Cheer Up! Because life doesn’t mean to be easy.
Yuzuki Maehata
Thank you for reading my message! I'm glad to share with all of you about my experience at CJCC, Cambodia.
Misaki Matase
Hello! Thank you for visiting this page! If you want to study in Japan, I will introduce many recommend spots! Please come to Japan someday!
Chin Sarin
Sharpen your goal and come up with a good research proposal! Then master yourself in your topic: what will be its academic contribution or value-added to development or social improvements?
Sonava Tadao
For students who wish to study in Japan, the best way to get started is to learn Japanese language as much as you can when you are in Cambodia, that is how you show your effort and not just words.
For those who dare to take on challenges and get out of their comfort zone, I encourage you to study abroad and widen your horizons. Don’t be intimidated and get the planning started now!
Meas Chansatya
Prepare well. Strengthen your weaknesses to meet requirements of the scholarship for which you plan to apply. If everything is done properly, be confident that you will be chosen for it. Best of luck!!!
Chhort Chhorravin
To everyone who wishes to study abroad or has a chance to study overseas, my advice is to go for it and seize that opportunity because it will give a huge impact to your life.
If you want something, then please work hard for it. There are no such thing as luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, that is why you should be prepared and struggle for what you truly want.
B. Consultant