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The Cost of Living

The average monthly expenses (excluding academic fees) of an international student are shown below. The cost of living in metropolitan areas is higher than in rural areas.

Breakdown of itemized monthly spending




Although student dormitories operated by local governments and universities are available, approximately 75% of international students are living in private houses or apartments. Once you receive your letter of acceptance, you should start gathering information about housing immediately. Some ways to get this information include

  1. your school's international student office
  2. the Internet and informational magazines, and
  3. real estate agents in areas you are interested in living in.

Student dormitory



  • Lower expenses compared to apartments (no need for shiki-kin [security deposit], rei-kin [gratuity money] or renewal fees)
  • Student dormitory rooms may come equipped with electric appliances and/or other furniture



  • Due to limited numbers of rooms available, not all students can stay in dormitories.
  • Rules such as curfew and wake-up time
  • Shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom





  • Your own life rhythm
  • Development of sense of the value of money



  • In many cases, you will have to pay shiki-kin (security deposit equal to a few months' rent), rei-kin (gratuity money), real estate agent's commissions, or other fees in advance.
  • Complicated rental agreements
  • Need to purchase all furniture and electrical appliances
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