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Okayama University

Okayama University is a top-class national university with over 140 years of history. We have 11 faculties, 8 graduate schools and various programs. We rank among the Top 14 Global Universities in Japan. You can choose the best program for your research interests.  

In addition, we offer undergraduate courses taught in English in the “Discovery Program for Global Learners.” Your lecturers and tutors are passionate, brilliant, and dedicated to sharing their insights and discoveries with you.

Okayama is known as the land of sunshine which means that Okayama has less rainy days than the other parts of Japan. We are sure that Okayama University offers one of the best student lives in Japan. 

You can gain a unique learning experience which will positively impact the future success of your academic and professional career.







Q1. When seeking matriculation in a school or faculty, is it necessary to seek an advising professor (accepting professor) on one’s own prior to taking the examination?

A1. For admission to official courses at undergraduate level of a school or faculty, there is no need to seek an advising  professor (accepting professor) on one’s own.  However, if one wishes to become a research student in a school or faculty, one needs to seek an advising professor (accepting professor) on one’s own before applying an obtain unofficial consent for admission.

Q2. Are there any programs one can obtain a degree in that have classes in English only? What level of English language proficiency is required?

A2. All classes in the Discovery Program for Global Learners are held in English, and one can obtain a degree. There is no minimum required score in English language proficiency, but English language ability is evaluated through the entrance examination and interview examination. Note that those who have not received education primarily in English during the most recent five years will need to submit the results of an English qualification or certification examination. 

Q3. What level of results in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) do applicants need?

A3. The Faculty of Economics and Dental School use EJU result standards as qualification for applicants for the special entrance examination for privately finance international students, but other faculties and schools have not established standard scores as qualification for applicants. In addition, specified EJU examination subjects and point allocation standards differ from one faculty or school to another. Note that individual examinations or tests aside from the EJU may be conducted, so make sure to confirm details by checking “Requirements for applicants for the special entrance examination for privately financed international students” for the academic year for which the examination is taken. 

Q4. I would like information on the Foundation Course for Post Graduate Studies.

A4. The Foundation Course for Post Graduate Studies (known as the Pre-Master’s Course) is a preparatory course for international students proceeding to the graduate level, who hope to enter Okayama University’s graduate courses. It consists of classes on academic Japanese needed in research after entering graduate school and activities to deepen enrollees’ understanding of specialized fields. Providing instruction and advice to students will be done by Pre-Master’s Course academic advisors (covering academic Japanese) and graduate school academic advisors. While enrolled for six months to one year as research students in the Institute of Global Human Resource Development, the students aim to improve the knowledge and practical skills they will use in research activities. 

Q5. Is it possible to take any classes one wishes in the exchange program?

A5. As a general rule at Okayama University, students choose from among class subjects specified by the school or faculty they are enrolled in or the program that has admitted them. Anyone wishing to take a class aside from the specified ones needs to obtain approval from the class instructor. Depending on one's language proficiency, limited capacity in the class or other conditions, it may not be possible to take the class. 

Q6. How much is the cost of living in Japan (Okayama)?

A6. In general, aside from academic expenses such as entrance fees and tuition, at least 80,000 yen per month is needed. For reference, rent on apartments near the university run from 25,000 yen to 40,000 yen per month, and the cost of food and utilities is about 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen per month.

Q7. Is it possible to study Japanese at the university?

A7. International students enrolled in Okayama University can take the Japanese Language Course which is run by the Department of Japanese Language, Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education, Okayama University. There are seven levels of Japanese courses, from elementary to advanced, assignment to which is determined based on the results of a Placement Test. Also, the Japanese Language Course includes both integrated classes, in which students learn reading, listening, speaking and writing skills while strengthening their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and separate skills-based and topic-based classes.


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