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The University of Tokyo PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba)

Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK) at the University of Tokyo, our first undergraduate degree program conducted in a language other than Japanese, was established in October 2012. 

Currently, there are two different courses of study available, which are “The International Program on Japan in East Asia” and “The International Program on Environmental Sciences”. Both of these programs are interdisciplinary degree programs consisting of two years of liberal arts study in the Junior Division and two years of specialization in the Senior Division.

In this program, all of the courses available as part of these programs are delivered entirely in English by PEAK faculty members who are making great efforts to broaden and enrich their approaches to both teaching and content for PEAK classes. They strive to instill in PEAK students not only the long fostered UTokyo’s liberal arts education to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the world’s complex reality, but also the global communication abilities and the imagination necessary to comprehend fully the many problems facing human society across the globe.

There is no Japanese language requirement to join either of the programs, but studying Japanese is an important part of the program and Japanese language classes are mandatory during the junior division for both programs.

While PEAK is a small program that selects only a few new excellent students each year, we believe it is undoubtedly one of UTokyo’s most important endeavors.







Type of Scholarship Details
The University of Tokyo Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students of exceptional merit. It is a four-year scholarship that covers the admission fee, tuition, and living expenses (JPY126,000 a month). Up to ten students may be offered this scholarship.

Scholarship for Vietnamese Students Studying in Japan by Fast Retailing Foundation

The Scholarship for Vietnamese Students Studying in Japan by Fast Retailing Foundation is a scholarship that covers the enrollment fee, tuition fees, return airfare, living and housing expenses, along with overseas travel insurance (with fixed limits for each item). This scholarship will be awarded to up to 10 Vietnamese students who meet the requirements designated by the Fast Retailing Foundation, and who successfully pass both the Foundation's screening process and the entrance examination of one of the designated programs in Japan (PEAK is one of those designated programs). Those who would like to apply for this scholarship must register for the First Retailing Foundation from July 3, 2023 to August 4, 2023, 23:59, Japan Standard Time/JST. Please note that all the screening and monetary procedures related to this scholarship will be conducted by Fast Retailing Foundation. Details are available at: https://www.fastretailing-foundation.or.jp/eng/scholarships/


Q1. Does the University of Tokyo offer undergraduate programs taught in English other than PEAK?

A1. Currently, other courses are only offered in Japanese. We have a different screening for those courses, and applicants will be required to take entrance examinations in Japanese in Japan. For details, please visit the following website and contact them for further inquiry.


Q2. Do I need to have studied Japanese to apply to the PEAK program?

A2. No, there is no need to have studied Japanese in advance when applying. Japanese language courses, which are divided into learning levels from students with little background in Japanese to those with high Japanese proficiency, are provided as a mandatory course in PEAK.

Q3. Do PEAK applicants have to take an entrance examination?

A3. JEA applicants do not need to take any entrance examination. For ES applicants, those successfully completing the document screening will be invited to take a Mathematics test.

Q4. When is the application period?

A4. From November 13, 2023 to December 13, 2023 for 2024 enrollment. Please make sure to check the Application Guidelines downloadable from our website which is updated every July.

Q5. What kind of subject test should I take for the standardized examination?

A5. You can find the description of the necessary standardized examinations under Official Examination Results for Academic Ability (Standardized Examinations) in the Application Guidelines. There is also a list of all standardized examinations accepted for PEAK applications in Appendix 1. The specific requirements for each tests are also written there. Please note that the Japan in East Asia program and the Environmental Sciences program may have different requirements for each test. Furthermore, in addition to the subject requirements for the Standardised Examinations, there are some subject requirements in the last two years of applicant's studies. Please check under Official School Transcripts in the Application Guidelines for details.

Q6. What is the application process?

A6. We have two screenings; the first screening, which is a document review, and the second screening, which is an interview. Applicants selected from the first screening will proceed to the second screening. At the interview, the applicant may be asked to provide written answers to questions provided by the interviewers. Additionally, Environmental Sciences applicants will be required to take an online mathematics examination before the interview. Please refer to the Application Guidelines about the application process.


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