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Asia University

Asia University is a private university located in the suburbs of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. 6,500 students study on campus including 311 international students in 2023. They live and study in a safe and quiet place, and also obtains an easy access to the Tokyo metropolitan area. AU offers courses in Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Data Science, Economics, Law, International Relations, Multicultural Communication, and Urban Innovation. AU also offers Intensive Japanese Course within the same campus to serve international students who want to further study at AU as well as other universities in Japan.

AU has been offering a unique scholarship for students from ASEAN countries since 2016. It is a 5 year full scholarship course. Since its foundation, 90 students have studied with this scholarship including 3 students from Cambodia.





Asia university’s English PV shows its brief history and general information for students from all over the world.



Type of Scholarship Details
Scholarship for Students from ASEAN Countries

The 5 year full scholarship contains 1 year of Intensive Japanese Course and 4 years of regular undergraduate course. Scholarship students also obtains the housing fee for the first 2 years from the course starts. Cambodian high school students are eligible to apply. Please visit our website for more information details:


Q1. What is the Intensive Japanese Course about?

A1. This is a one-year intensive course designed to allow students to learn Japanese and English communication skills that are essential for them to receive university education in Japan, especially for those pursuing study in Asia University.

Q2. Why Study Asia U Intensive Japanese Course?

1. Classrooms are located inside the campus -can enjoy using the library and cafeteria with other undergraduate or graduate students. 

2. Recommendation system for admission to Asia University is available. 

3. Class teacher system -enables consistent guidance in learning and course planning. 

4. Special scholarships for students of Intensive Japanese Course. 

5. 20 minutes from Shinjuku and 30 minutes from Shibuya.

Q3. What are the requirements for enrollment?

A3. An individual who has completed 12 years of school education.

*Please also see the General Entrance Exam Guide for more requirements:

Q4. What are the tuition fees of the Intensive Japanese Course?

A4. About KHR 17,858,000 (644,000 JPY) . Including tuition fees,  admission fee, textbooks, insurance, training fee etc.

Q5. Why study undergraduate course at Asia University?

1.  Admission Pre-arrival admission (an entrance exam system that allows admission without coming to Japan) is available and some courses just require written Japanese test and interview only.

2. Japanese language is a compulsory subject for 1st year students

Q6. What are the available courses?

A6. Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Data Science, Economics, Law, International Relations, Multicultural Communication, and Urban Innovation (No Engineering course available)

Q7. How much is the tuition fee?

A7. Tuition fees is about 1,281,000 - 1,321,000JPY (35,522,193 - 36,631,395KHR) excluding administration fee and other expenses.

Q8. Any scholarship?

A8. Yes: Other than private scholarships, the school also provides their own scholarship. For pre-arrival admission cases, one may apply for scholarship before admission.

Q9. What is the Asia University’s “Scholarship for Students from ASEAN Countries?”

A9. It is a full scholarship provided only for students from ASEAN countries. This scholarship includes 5 years of tuition and fees, and first 2 years of housing fee. Three Cambodian students are currently studying at Asia University on this scholarship.


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